Don’t be fooled by the cool temperatures into thinking that you only need sun protection during the summer. Winter’s UV and glare don’t go south for the winter. In fact with the sun reflecting off the snow and wet roads your exposure to glare can be more intense during the? the winter months. Polarized sunglasses will provide you with the vision and protection you need. And remember the eyes of a child are even more susceptible to the damaging rays from the sun.

imag014The Eyeglass Factory (EGF) offers sun protection in both prescription and non-prescription. In non-prescription the EGF offers sunglasses from the world’s leading sunglass manufacturers. Mauji Jim, Ray Ban, Serengetti, and Porsche are all in good company with the EGF’s fashion designer sunglass collection which includes Prada, Versace, Michael Kors, and Tory Birch just to name a few.imag027

Prescription lenses are available in all your favorite Polarized Lens designs by Maui Jim,Oakley, and Serengetti. Build your own sunglasses with your choice of frame and complete it with sun lenses from Essilor’s and Nikon’s amazing collections of custom lenses for sun and vision enhancement.

Enjoy the sun. Don’t squint. When it comes to advice on all the latest sun lenses, including digital lens designs, you can trust the professionals at The Eyeglass Factory to educate you and offer you advice on the best lens design, material, and coatings to suit your lifestyle and and demanding vision needs.

We offer full eye exams? and remember that seniors and children are entitled to an eye exam every year covered by OHIP.