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?I design, produce and sell my own framess with no limits other than the search for my way , trying to be as genuine as Screenshot 2014-11-09 20.30.01possible.? ? Xavier Garcia

From our headquarter in Barcelona, we design, produce and offer our glasses collection to all opticians and eyewear users who are looking for original frame designs, technically well crafted, and made by high quality materials and finishings.

We identify ourselves as members of the ?slow design? movement because we believe in change, authenticity, economic sustainability, in real value of the products and in the Screenshot 2014-11-09 20.39.29added value that design provides.

We like to introduce ourselves as: ORIGINAL, AUTHENTIC and CREATIVE.Screenshot 2014-11-09 20.23.17




Frames as unique as you are… The Eyeglass Factory has them.Screenshot 2014-11-27 20.51.39

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