The Eyeglass Factory now offers Nano Children’s frames

Nano kid’s frames are built to take the everyday challenges of kid’s just being kids

Children's frames, Nano


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Take advantage of The Eyeglass Factory Kid’s Program and receive 2 pairs of lenses. Use the second pair within 15 months to replace your kid’s lenses due to prescription changes or for an extra pair of glasses. All lenses are Polycarbonate and come complete with Anti-Reflection coatings starting at just $170*.

The Eyeglass Factory also offers a no charge one time scratched lens replacement in the first year.

*Prices subject to change



Nano kid’s frames come with temples for general wear and can be easily converted be to a sports style frame with the included sports band for the playground

Protect your children’s eyes from the effects of harmful Blue Light emitted by electronic devices. Add a Blue Light filter to their lenses.

And don’t forget… Children are covered for eye exams by OHIP once a year. Keep their eyes healthy and insure they are seeing the best they can.

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